Be Prepared For Change

As the only-child son of two musicians it makes perfect sense that Jon Edwards would go on to become an Olympian, an entrepreneur, Olympian - Jon Edwardsand a respected speaker and coach.  In fact, many of the lessons he learned in his youth set him up for failure later. That is why his message resonates with so many:

“As an Olympian you would think my message would revolve around topics like hard work, dedication, and relentless pursuit of your dreams.  It doesn’t, and that is why it snaps people out of this “motivation trap” that so many speakers create for people…”

…as a husband and a father of two, Jon is able to relate to many audiences who already feel that their life is overwhelming and that they may be out of reach of their dreams:

“Many of us are taught that your goals are a dream with a deadline.  I don’t believe that, because what happens when your dreams pass you by?  You feel horrible.  Your self worth suffers.  And you’re left feeling like you missed another opportunity in your life.  That’s not what it’s all about.  I teach people how to think about their goals and dreams differently and then how to go out and make them happen.”

Jon has been seen on TNT, CBS, NBC, and Sports Illustrated.  His message is one of hope and inspiration and excitement for a future that is fast approaching at exponential speed:

“In the next decade we are going to see more change than we have ever seen before.  People need to look up and learn how to negotiate what is coming or else life is going to pass them by.

Jon is an American who lives between the Olympic city of Calgary, Alberta Canada and the South Shore of Boston, Massachusetts with his wife Michelle and their two children.

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