Let Me Tell You A Little Bit About Myself

Hey there and thanks for checking out my Bio page.  If you’re looking at this it means that you and I are probably going to get on the phone soon for an interview or you’re looking to hire me for a speaking gig. Or, you’re one of those folks who like to know the nitty-gritty behind the dude on the website…

so here it goes.

Here is a short introduction:  ( I keep it short because people don’t really care what you’ve done, they just care about what you’re going to give them right now.)

Jon Edwards is an Olympian, a business owner, a blogger, a husband, and a dad to two beautiful kids. He’s an entrepreneur, a retailer, a real estate investor and a professional speaker.  He’s been in ESPN, Sports Illustrated, Details Magazine, CBS and NBC.  He’s most proud of being a teacher and a mentor to young, aspiring athletes and non-athletes alike.  But you probably don’t have a clue who he is.  Today he’s going to talk about how you can take the techniques Olympians use to make your own life and business better to prepare you for the massive change our world is about to experience.

Brace yourself.  Here’s Olympian – Jon Edwards.”

Note: This Jon Edwards is NOT the triple-jumping British, Olympian.  This is the much better looking, muscular and bald US Olympian.  Just a heads up.

So if you’ve read this far, you’re really interested.

You’re not getting creepy on my are you?

Let’s start with this…I don’t come from Olympic stock.

My mom will attribute my athletic success to her short-lived high school basketball career. But really…me becoming an athlete was a bit of a long shot.

As the only-child, son…of two musicians (my parents both have their Masters in Voice), I didn’t have any older brothers and sisters to rough me up and make me stronger.  I didn’t have any roll models for athletics.  But I did have two very talented parents.

My dad Pete was a conductor and a choral director.  He played a mean piano and would get more people to sing well in his Fine Arts Chorale than anyone else on the planet.  He was also the Music Director at Camp Dudley, the oldest continuously running boys camp in America.

My mom was an Opera singer and taught voice to aspiring singers up until just a few years ago.  As a young athlete she came to all of my games and video’d EVERY one of my lacrosse games which helped me become an All-American.

I was a late starter to sports.  It wasn’t until grade five that I started to get really involved in sports through school.  I got a chance to play soccer, basketball, and field lacrosse.  I loved sports.  Loved the gear.  The stuff.  The team.  Loved the smell of fall soccer fields and winter hockey rinks.  And in the spring I loved the fresh grass and sneezed my head off when the pollen came out.

Through that love I developed small dreams in each.  Maybe I could make the team/varsity/play college/etc.  The dreams started small and I managed to keep those dreams protected as I played each and every day.

Along the way I developed an intense interest on how all of this worked.  Not just the technical side of sport but the physical and tactical too.

I developed one main philosophy:

If I could be the best kid on the field, at my position, every day…ultimately I will be one of the best athletes…period.

That was it.  A simple approach that I teach to kids every day.

My other philosophy was this:

You need three key abilities to be successful in…well…ANYTHING.  You need a physical ability, a technical ability, and a tactical ability.  All held together with a glue called belief.

Simple, but not easy.

Today I share a message of hope with anyone who will listen.  A message that resonates with people no matter how old they are, how much experience they have, and how many resources they want to throw at it, that if they just keep that vision in front of them and take action steps towards is…it WILL HAPPEN.

I hope you’ll read more of the resources on this website, and when you’re ready to reach out to me with a request or just a simple message of “Hey, good job!” that you’ll do so.  I look forward to connecting with you.


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